Juice Boxes

i remember pink sunsets and kindergarten juice boxes in a scarf of faint impressions and blots of faded light
a time when paper crowns ruled chalked cul-de-sacs and days were glazed in liquid gold
a time when a day well-spent meant sipping fruit under the old tree at the corner of a manicured lawn
a bruised knee and shoes filled with playground mulch and hair tangled with dandelion wishes and palms with monkey bar calluses and watercolor fingertips determined to color outside the lines
cotton uniforms are forever stained with this saccharine childhood

i hold a part of that fabric of youth with me today

in a scarf quilted with memories of pink sunsets and kindergarten juice boxes




concept, images, and website developed by
Jodi Tang, Kayla Feng, and Ryan Brandon Hsiao
created in
RISD GD Spring 2022 Design Studio 2 Unit 8 by John Caserta
led by
Aasawari Kulkarni and Ingrid Schmaedecke